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If Kobe Doesn't Get Traded...

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If Kobe Bryant isn't moved (and I don't think he will be), the Lakers must go get some help for that roster -- even at the expense of long-term solvency.

Bryant mentioned the team's failure to get Ron Artest several times in the last few days. I assume he's talking about back when Indiana was shopping Ron-Ron around. But Ron-Ron is obviously on the market this summer, too. How 'bout it, Kupchak?

I would be perfectly happy with Artest for Kwame Brown and the #19 pick. Brown is an expiring contract and might actually be the best center on the roster (depending on Brad Miller's foot). The #19 pick could be a star when you combine Geoff Petrie and this draft. And Artest is always good for a couple months of sanity on a new team.

The best thing for L.A.: They still have Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom to mess with to go get a point guard. The best thing for Sacramento: They still have Mike Bibby to either hold down the point guard spot for a season or two, or to get further cap-room and picks.