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Voisin Furthers the Brooks Sentiment

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The Sacramento Bee's Ailene Voisin:

The sense here is that, unless Petrie is overwhelmed by one of the more experienced interviewees, Brooks gets the job.

Another couple reasons this makes sense, other than 'Brooks is not like Musselman' (which seems to be a highly important trait):
  • Brooks is already on the payroll. The Maloofs are coughing up $5 million for Musselman the next two seasons. They'll also be coughing up the salaries of whichever assistants they can. If you keep Brooks (at a higher salary) and a few of Muss' other staffers, you save some money.
  • Brooks is the only candidate who can provide a sense of continuation or stability.
  • There are only a few 'local' candidates: Brooks, who's from Manteca; Reggie Theus, a former King; and John Whisenant, the old Monarchs coach. Local would be good for continuing PR efforts.
Again: choosing coaches is a complete crapshoot. Who knows? He could be great, he could suck.