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Petrie Will Take His Time Picking a Coach

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The expected update on how this coaching search will play out: Geoff Petrie tells The Bee there's no rush and it could be seven weeks before a selection is made.

The seven weeks part is important: It means Petrie again wants a coach before the draft. This was the 'deadline' last year, when the Kings were the only team looking for a replacement. You'd think the expanded field of vacancies would hasten Petrie's process (and it might, but Petrie isn't saying it).

This rules out someone, though: Rick Carlisle. I didn't expect the Maloofs and Petrie to make a serious push for Carlisle anyways, seeing his suffocating offensive style fizzle in Indiana. But the key is the timing. There's no way Carlisle takes the job while Ron Artest is in town. While trades are permitted between non-playoff teams before the draft, they are very rare up to two or three days preceding the event. We assume the Kings will pick their coach with at least a week to spare in advance of the draft, and likely before the Orlando draft camp which happens around June 10. There's no way Artest gets traded before then. If you bring in Carlisle, you are absolutely forced to trade Artest... possibly before summer league. That puts you at a negotiating disadvantage. Geoff Petrie does not put himself in negotiating disadvantages. Given the timeline, I assume Petrie will bring in someone who says publically that he'll work with Ron and whoever is on the roster to move forward. With Carlisle, that statement would be far from credible -- those guys can't like each other.

Also, I assuming Amick refers to Carlisle in this passage:

A trade also could play a key role in the coaching search, with at least one available big name wary of Sacramento only because of small forward Ron Artest's presence.

Could this be another candidate which Amick has spoken to? Carlisle fits the bill, but you wouldn't think Amick would need to protect him from this obvious sentiment. It's not Mario Elie, who is friendly with Artest. It could be P.J. Carlesimo, but he wouldn't have talked to Amick already (I don't think). Larry Brown? Stan Van Gundy? Is Reggie Theus a big name? I think it has to be Carlisle.