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Are the Maloofs Preventing a Porter Hire?

A jaw-dropping rumor from the Newark Star-Ledger Dave D'Alessandro:

Once again, GEOFF PETRIE is showing good sense in pushing hard for TERRY PORTER to take over in Sacramento, and once again, the goofball owners who ruined the team a year ago -- by forcing out RICK ADELMAN and hiring ERIC MUSSELMANN despite Petrie's objections -- are not listening to their GM. Typical. We don't expect the Maloofs to know this, because they're usually too busy hanging around the gold-plated hot tubs of Vegas filming softcore-porn reality TV shows, when they aren't holding up their taxpayers to build a $450 million arena. But Porter did a great job in Milwaukee, making the playoffs his first year, turning MICHAEL REDD into a star, then getting dumped after an absurd string of injuries (notably, T.J. FORD'S spinal surgery) and the turmoil of having eight free agents on his roster dropped him to 30-52 in his second. He is going to be a great -- not good -- head coach someday.

I've heard D'Alessandro is fairly plugged in, and Petrie's mentor and friend Pete Carril is in NJ and was assumedly come back to the Kings if Porter got the job... but I'll still take it with a grain of salt.

If true, this is completely terrible news. I thought we were back to Petrie running the show?