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Community Draft Board: Draft Needs Discussion

Alright, we're almost ready to rank our draft picks and lay out the draft board. First, we need to talk about draft needs.

I'd say the biggest, most obvious need is at center/power forward. Justin Williams is the only guy under age 28 up front (and he's not even officially signed yet). We clearly need athleticism and size up front, more than a point guard and a small forward.

I would put point guard as the second biggest need. Mike Bibby is still around, but for how much longer? Ronnie Price is still iffy as even a backup, in my mind. I really do think Francisco Garcia could play PG, but we haven't seen enough of it yet. And Quincy Douby is less point-guardish than Bobby Jackson from what we've seen.

Small forward is next up on my list. John Salmons probably is not a starter. Garcia isn't good enough offensively yet either. Ron Artest is on his way out. I think either Salmons or Garcia could start if necessary, but at this point, there could be two or three SFs in the draft who could come in and be better immediately.

Finally, shooting guard. Kevin Martin will get locked up long-term soon. Douby is viable as a combo guard off the bench, emphasis on the shooting guard part. Garcia and Salmons can also play there well. The Kings could still use another good shooter at this position though, in case Salmons/Garcia have to man SF and Douby gets converted to PG (which seemed to be the plan).

This isn't a very controversial topic, but let your voice be heard nonetheless.