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Community Draft Board: The #3 Pick

UPDATE: Horford wins.

It's been decided quickly -- Greg Oden is #1, Kevin Durant is #2. Shocking decision, really. It's great 95% of us agree Sacramento needs Oden more than it needs Durant. Unfortunately, Geoff Petrie won't even get to sniff that question on June 28. (Meta note: Not all the picks will go that fast. I made the quick hook because it was seriously lopsided and the vote didn't affect anything re: the #3 pick or later.)

I wouldn't call it likely that Petrie will get a crack at #3, either. But things get awfully murky starting here, and the decision Atlanta makes with its first pick could go a long way to shift everyone else's strategy.

(Meta note #2: There's a limited number of choices I can include in a poll, so I'll narrow it down to something I think is reasonable. Actually, for this one, I didn't use the max because seriously, Spencer Hawes at #3? No way in hell.)

With Oden and Durant off the board, who do you choose with the 3rd pick?

Corey Brewer, GF, Florida.
Yi Jianlian, PF, China.
Mike Conley Jr., PG, Ohio State.
Al Horford, PF, Florida.
Brandan Wright, PF, North Carolina.
Jeff Green, SF, Georgetown.
Joakim Noah, C, Florida.
Julian Wright, SF, Kansas.

Click the entry link, make your choice, defend your pick in the comments.