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Scott Brooks Leading Candidate, Bee Says

As TZ noted earlier this week, Scott Brooks was up for his second round of interviews yesterday, and preliminary responses are very positive.

The latest from Sam Amick says the Maloofs were the only thing standing in the way of Brooks getting the job. Petrie loves the guy, and after yesterday's interview, the Maloofs were speaking well too.

"He's not flashy, and he's got his feet squarely on the ground. He's a family man. He knows the game. He's got a lot of positives. He's pretty hard not to like."

But, in a note many here will be happy with, the Maloofs say the decision to hire Brooks or not falls squarely on the shoulders of GM Geoff Petrie.

"Basically, Geoff has to be the one who makes this decision," Joe Maloof said. "But Gavin and I interviewed (Brooks), and we felt very comfortable with him and he had a great interview. He was terrific. We need to talk to Geoff before we decide on anything."

Seems like they got the hint that being aggressive and choosing Musselman wasn't the way to go. Now the Maloofs want this round of success or failure to be somebody else's deal. Should Brooks not get the job, one out of left field rumor says he'll be competing for an assistant position with ... wait for it... the Milwaukee Bucks.

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But the most telling item may be in a line from Amick that says simply, "there are no interviews scheduled with other candidates." After last week's Van Gundy fiasco, this process may go a lot more smoothly.