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Community Draft Board: Pick #4

UPDATE: Called for Wright at 1:49p Pacific.

UPDATE: As of 12:10p Pacific, Brandan Wright has a decent lead over Yi. Moving on at about 1:30p, so vote now if you haven't.

Al Horford of Florida won the #3 pick by a decent margin. Yi finished in second with a decent margin, so we'll see if the Horford voters will pick Yi next, or if they move over to Brandan Wright.

Oden, Durant and Horford are off the board.

This will be up til this afternoon, so vote early.

The options are:

Yi Jianlian, China
Brandan Wright, North Carolina
Mike Conley Jr., Ohio State
Corey Brewer, Florida
Joakim Noah, Florida
Jeff Green, Georgetown
Julian Wright

Click 'entry link' to find the poll.