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Coaching Search Still Not Over

Like a damn zombie, this long coaching search just will not die. Sam Amick on his Bee blog:

Just when I thought this thing was finally wrapping up, there is reason to believe the Maloofs aren't as high on Scott Brooks as they led me to believe Monday in Las Vegas. Now based on our conversation, I find it hard to believe that something didn't happen between then and now to sway their opinions. Heck, maybe they read some of the reader feedback to the story or the Internet chatter this morning, much of which was negative about the prospect of Brooks as the next Kings coach. Or maybe they still think there's a candidate out there who can not only win games, but sell tickets with some style (Reggie Theus hopes that's the case). All of a sudden, it's all quiet again and the idea of other candidates being considered and/or re-interviewed seems likely.

I had prepared a good portion of a column on how I was happy with Brooks but very discouraged by the process it took to get here. Needless to say, I'm a bit more discouraged this morning -- not because I think Brooks is Auerbach-in-waiting, but because this thing will never end.

All told, it's not the length specifically that gives me hives. It's the passive-aggressive nature of it. Geoff Petrie interviewed seven dudes in six days. Then, nothing for two weeks. Then two interviews in two days. Nothing for a day... then an all-out sprint to get a guy whose pretty much spoken for. It makes me think someone doesn't know what they're doing. That's frightening, obviously.

I feel for Brooks -- it looked cinched yesterday, right?

Who knows where this thing goes from here. Maybe... Terry Porter? (Every time a de-facto winner gets pushed aside, I'm going to say Terry Porter's name. I pray this is the last time.)