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The Drawing Board is Getting Lots of Action

Geoff Petrie's back to it, apparently. Sam Amick reports in The Bee that Reggie Theus and Brian Shaw are the next two candidates headed for a second interview. Sources tell Amick Spurs assistant P.J. Carlesimo will also be interviewed at the conclusion of the season.

The Kings were the first team to fire its coach at the end of the season (though two teams announced their coaches would not return during the season). Seattle is said to be close to wrapping up its search, which would leave Sacramento as the last team with a vacancy.

I'd love to sit in on a Petrie-Maloofs call right about now. Hell, for all we know, things could be perfectly calm and this could be going just the way they wanted -- methodical, well-considered, rational. But I have a suspicion both sides would have loved for this to have been wrapped up already.