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Joakim Noah Injured, Won't Work Out For Kings

Geoff Petrie was supposed to host a workout at the practice facility today for Washington center Spencer Hawes and Florida center Joakim Noah. Hawes is in town, but due to a sore shoulder Noah will sit out.

Noah tore his rotator cuff during the NCAA season. He says team trainers at his previous workouts have been poking and prodding it so much it hurts.

How this affects the prospect of Noah in Sacramento:

  1. I can almost assure you he'll be there at #10 now. Big men + injuries = no draftie. Sad, since he played pretty well despite the injury.
  2. Geoff Petrie does not draft players he does not work out. Kevin Martin got drafted solely based on things Petrie saw in him during the team workout. The same with Quincy Douby. And Gerald Wallace. (Wallace is said to be the only Petrie draftee not worked out. Thanks dalt and DB.) We haven't heard anything about Francisco Garcia's predraft wowing, but I do know Garcia did work out for the team, and I'm guessing he performed well. If Petrie doesn't get a close look at Noah, he's not going to draft him.