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Code Brown. Code Brown. I Repeat, Code Brown.

Tell me if you've heard this one before:

Former NBA head coach Larry Brown, who has been out of coaching since his dramatic - and disappointing - one-year tenure with the New York Knicks, has expressed interest in the Kings vacancy.

"I want to get back," Brown said when contacted at his home in Philadelphia. "I miss it terribly. I haven't lost the passion to teach and coach. I don't want to end my career at 23-59. I feel I can do better. I look at Sacramento ... I respect the heck out of Geoff (Petrie). I coached half that team. I don't mind going somewhere that's rebuilding, but wherever I go, I want everybody to feel that I'm the right person."

My first reaction: I killed a co-worker after throwing the first thing I saw on my desk. (It was a cast iron anchor. Don't ask.)

My second reaction: I killed another co-worker after throwing the second thing I saw on my desk. (A Victorian tea set filled with the boiled bodily fluids of a small mammal. Please, don't ask.)

My third reaction: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

My fourth, and final/current reaction: Eh, why not?

(Ah, the life of rooting for an uninteresting, crappy team.)