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Psychic: Reggie Theus Will Get The Job

Yes, it has come down to this:

There was but one place where the outcome was anything but a mystery, in the "Cosmic Corner" of the casino. Behind the bead curtains, psychic Angela Rowen was asked who the next Kings coach would be without being given any names.

"I'm seeing a rugged man with wavy hair," she said.

"He has a nice build, and is very good looking. And he is tan skinned, light brown."

She was then given the names of Brooks, Theus, Shaw and Brown. "Reggie," she answered.


The search, summed up as of today: Reggie Theus and Brian Shaw met with the Maloofs Friday as Geoff Petrie worked out Spencer Hawes in Sacramento; P.J. Carlesimo has been contacted but an interview has not been scheduled; Carlesimo is scheduled to meet with the Sonics this week; whether Larry Brown gets an interview will be left to Petrie, who has commented; Scott Brooks is still in the running; Kurt Rambis is not.