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Mock My Drafts

I participated in two mock drafts out in the blogosphere. The first, the SB Nation (and Friends) Mock Draft, hosted at Indy Cornrows.

When my selection came up there, I bit the bullet and traded it to... the San Antonio Spurs. Matt Powell from Pounding the Rock really wanted Acie Law, so I obliged. (I would not be so eager with R.C. Buford on the other end.) In return, I netted the Kings the rights to Argentine power forward Luis Scola, the #28 pick, and the #33 pick. Scola wants to come to the NBA like yesterday, and many (including me) think he's an impact player. And he's in his prime. If you land him, decide what to do with Bibby/Artest, and gun for playoffs in 2009... you have a chance. By drafting a youngster like Jeff Green or Julian Wright, you're more-or-less crossing your fingers for 2010 and beyond. (Pookeyguru called me a 'fool' over at Cornrows, by the way. Nice to know I'm respected.)

But in the Greater Blogger Mock Draft of 2007, hosted at Ballhype and organized by Jeff Clark of CelticsBlog, I took Green. Wright was still on the board, which shows how conflicted I've been over the two. I have a feeling they'll both end up there next Thursday, too... Double gulp.

Feel free to call me a fool for my decisions.