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Brooks, Shaw, Theus: Who Will It Be?

All indications (when have those ever been wrong?) say we're down to three candidates for the Kings head coach position. Larry Brown hasn't been called, P.J. Carlesimo hasn't called back, and Stan Van Gundy isn't walking through that door. A decision is expected this week -- the draft is too important for this search (however important it is itself) to be taking up so much time. And free agency starts July 1. Geoff Petrie has many more fish to fry.

So it would appear these three guys are up for the job: a car wash owner from Yokeltown; Shaquille O'Neal's best friend; and the star of Hang Time. Sweet.

Scott Brooks has the advantage of familiarity (that is, the Kings front office is familiar with him). People in the organization know him and like him, which is possibly somewhat important maybe. (I don't think many people knew or liked Rick Adelman -- kept to himself -- and he did a bangjob or alright job [depending on how the bitter the person you ask happens to be].) He's not a student of the greats like other assistant coaches out there: He's worked under amateur psychologist but proficient as hell George Karl and amateur Eric Musselman. He seems well-liked by players he's coached.

Brian Shaw has the advantage of familiarity (that is, he is not intimately familiar with the absolute f*cking mess this franchise would appear to be, which makes most young rising stars flinch and flee). He comes well-regarded from points south. Also, he comes from points south, which is a negative, because 'points south' refers to HADES (which means 'the Lakers'). He was said to be a fantastic teammate, and he certainly seems to have  captured the imagination of young Smush Parker, who had an outstanding season capped off with a shooting star playoff run. Or something.

Reggie Theus was a great player, a good actor, and a passable pundit. He has nice hair. Ladies think he's handsome. His throwback jersey remains among the most popular at ARCO Arena. Theus has never coached in the NBA, even as an assistant. (However, he did spend 1987-88 under the guidance of Bill Russell and Jerry Reynolds, so he certainly got a few lessons in how not to coach an NBA team.) Theus likes to hunt wildebeest, which is infinitely cool but somewhat misplaced on a resume for a basketball coach. (Pity.) He could assuredly dunk on Eric Musselman.

Unless Carlesimo gets bypassed for the Seattle job, or Ailene Voisin hypnotizes Geoff Petrie, or Billy Donovan changes his mind again, it looks like one of these three guys will be the choice. I could get excited about any of them, truth told. Of course, I got excited about both Jason Hart and Eric Musselman, so what the hell are you listening to me for? None of three rocks my boat, but I don't think coaches are supposed to rock your boats. 6'9 forwards with range and court vision are supposed to rock your boats. (Hence the focus on the draft and notsomuch the search.)

Money says: Brooks. Brain says: Shaw. Wife says: Theus.

You say: (This is where you vote in the poll on the right.)

Geoff Petrie and the Maloofs: ...

(This is where we wait some more, I think.)