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Sometimes, Ron-Ron Makes Me Smile

This e-mail conversation with ESPN's Marc Stein did the trick, actually:

Following the hiring of Reggie Theus as the successor to Eric Musselman, Artest insisted that he and Bibby are closer than outsiders think and suggested that they will flourish under Theus even though the ex-King has no NBA coaching experience as he makes the daunting (dreaded?) jump from college ball.

"I'd rather play with Mike any day of the year," Artest said.

Artest went on to explain that he and Bibby "actually work out together every morning at Gold's Gym" when they're both in Sacramento in the offseason. He says they also "shoot [together] at night sometimes" and spend time with each other's children. [...]

"I think the season was new for everyone -- new coach, Kevin Martin's arrival [as a front-line player], etc. Everyone now is able to read each other and [has] learned how to play with each other. I can't wait to see Kevin Martin be an All-Star."

Neither can we, Ronnnie. Unfortunately, watching Martin get to that level probably means you or Bibby has to go. Weird how that works out.