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Tark: Petrie Strong-Armed into Theus Hire

A common theme here on Sactown Royalty throughout the off-season coaching search was a hope that the final selection would be under the direction of GM Geoff Petrie. After the Maloofs forced Eric Musselman on the team in the last off season (and we all know how that turned out...), we had hoped the process would be different this time around.

Now, the world's most notable and passionate towel muncher says that not only did Geoff Petrie prefer to hire Brian Shaw, but that the Maloofs, who liked Theus, were pushed by Jerry Tarkanian to exert a stronger role in the process, over Petrie's dead body.

"Reggie called me Saturday after he had the second interview and thought he was right there," Tarkanian said. "But he was still the dark horse. Joe told me he, his brother and mother were really strong on Reggie, but Geoff still liked Shaw. I told Joe, 'This comes down to you and Gavin (Maloof) if you don't win. How come you aren't making the choice?' "

Apparently, the phrase "The Maloofs" now also includes the brothers' mom. Who knew?

Also, according to the story, the Maloofs and Petrie turned not only to Tarkanian, but to Rick Pitino for outside guidance in the last days of the coaching search.

And if you were worried that Theus might be feeling some undue pressure to succeed on the Kings sidelines due to his background as a college coach, following many notable failures who couldn't make the jump, the story helps out there too, saying Theus can always bail on the NBA and still be moving up the career ladder.

"Truth be told, Theus has nothing to lose. After he gets fired, he can go back to a better college job than he left at New Mexico State."

Great. Let's hope that isn't necessary for quite a while.