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Fact-Checking Ailene Voisin

Ailene Voisin:

In the final hours of a coaching search that stretched to two months, after Petrie rebuffed Brown and the Maloofs remained torn between Shaw and Theus, Petrie broke the tie partly because of Pitino. Because of Pitino's endorsement. During several lengthy conversations, the Louisville coach -- one of the few to succeed at both the pro and college level, by the way -- related his own initial reservations about hiring Theus as an assistant, then spoke of a very different reality.

Rick Pitino's NBA coaching record, courtesy of

                        Reg Season      Playoffs  
 Season   Tm   Lg      W    L  Win%    W   L  Win%
 1987-88  NYK  NBA    38   44  .463    1   3  .250
 1988-89  NYK  NBA    52   30  .634    5   4  .556
 1997-98  BOS  NBA    36   46  .439
 1998-99  BOS  NBA    19   31  .380
 1999-00  BOS  NBA    35   47  .427
 2000-01  BOS  NBA    12   22  .353
  6 Seasons          192  220  .466    6   7  .462

That's a below-.500 record with five losing seasons out of six. Anyone define Pitino's NBA career as successful? Anyone?

I don't mean to nitpick, I really don't. But things like this -- which spring up often with this particular writer -- are troublesome. How many casual basketball fans in Sacramento wouldn't know better? Voisin and Co. are supposed to be experts, authority figures on basketball. And they call Rick Pitino's NBA coaching career a success.

How are we supposed to take the rest of her column (which is quite good, actually) seriously after this passage? And how in the world did the editors miss this?

It's a shame. Voisin is obviously a talented writer, but she seems a bit out of the loop when it comes to the NBA. In a one-paper town, that's not good.