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Joe Maloof Sets Reasonable Expectations

In a Sam Amick Bee story on the topic of how unfortunate Larry Brown seems angry about being jilted by Geoff Petrie, we get this golden nugget from Joe Maloof (the blond one):

"It just wasn't the right fit -- that's what Geoff said," Maloof said. "It probably wasn't the right time. We've got a team here that struggled last year, got a lot of work to do here. Larry Brown's a Hall of Fame, brilliant coach, but does he want to take on a team that, who knows, wins 40 games this year?

Joe is about two bourbons from...


The lowered expectations are a good thing, honestly. It indicates the team is not going to do whatever it takes to WIN RIGHT NOW. All the statements about needing a young coach and that noise -- also positive for us who want to rebuild.