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Noah Finally Works Out For Petrie

Geoff Petrie is headed to Atlanta to watch Joakim Noah work out, according to The Bee.

Between Yi and Noah, those are two guys with very volatile draft stocks. Everyone loves Yi's talent. Everyone loves Noah's energy. But no one knows whether the pair can translate their attributes into star power in the NBA. Hell, I don't know. You don't know. We're all guessing with these two guys.

The risk is greater with Yi, but so is the reward. It's the classic philosophy question: Do you want a 25% chance at winning $10,000,000? Or a 50% chance at winning $1,000,000? The answers is contextual -- if you're poor, you take the better odds at a still-significant payday. If you're already decently well-off, you perhaps roll the dice for the bigger check.

So it comes down to how talent-starved we think the Kings are. Do we take a chance for a potential superstar? Or do we opt for the less spectacular contributor with less risk? This particular equation is a bit more complicated for me in that I think Noah might be a better fit with the roster and the new coach. I'm not saying Yi wouldn't make me buy a jersey... but a feisty, energetic roster built around Kevin Martin, Francisco Garcia, and Joakim Noah is pretty appetizing.

But just like the Jeff Green-Julian Wright conundrum, my mind will change hourly until the draft passes.