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Community Draft Board: Picks #15-20

UPDATE: Here are your winners:

15. Acie Law, Texas A&M
16. Rodney Stuckey, E. Wash
17. Nick Young, USC
18. Thaddeus Young, Ga Tech
19. Tiago Splitter, Brazil
20. Sean Williams, Boston College
21. Nick Fazekas, Nevada

Williams and Fazekas tied, so I gave the higher spot to the higher projected prospect. Also, since they were tied, that round went up to #21.

The Theus hire has driven us all looney (well, more looney than usual) this week, so the community draft board fell behind. Add in that things obviously get a lot more volatile in the second half of the first round, and it's time to switch up the method a bit.

Previously, we picked our favorite among a list of 10. Now, we're going to pick our 'next six' draft candidates and rank them 1-6. I'll tally the results (with 6 pts for a #1 vote, 5 pts for a #2 vote, etc.) and then we'll move on to picks #21-25.

A list of the choices made by the community to date is in the left sidebar. Obviously, those guys are ineligible for picks #15 and beyond. I've thrown together a list of candidates for these slots, though you can add another candidate who hasn't already been selected:

Tiago Splitter, Brazil; Acie Law, Texas A&M; Thaddeus Young, Georgia Tech; Nick Young, USC; Rodney Stuckey, Eastern Washington; Josh McRoberts, Duke; Rudy Fernandez, Spain; Sean Williams, Boston College; Marco Belinelli, Italy; Morris Almond, Rice; Jared Dudley, Boston College; Petteri Koponen, Finland; Kyrylo Fesenko, Ukraine; Zabian Dowdell, Virginia Tech; Gabe Pruitt, USC; Glen Davis, LSU; Daequan Cook, Ohio State; Derrick Byars, Vanderbilt; Wilson Chandler, DePaul; Arron Afflalo, UCLA; Marcus Williams, Arizona; Marc Gasol, Spain; Nick Fazekas, Nevada; Aaron Gray, Pitt; Ali Traore, France; Taurean Green, Florida.

Rank your top six in the comments. I'll close the submissions early Sunday morning, compile the results, and get the next batch started.