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Brooks Hated Musselman? Maloofs Hate Porter?

Now that Scott Brooks won't be with the Kings next year, the fun stuff comes out. From The Bee's Sam Amick:

The Kings contemplated firing Musselman, but Petrie -- as he would later say -- deemed it unfair to not let him finish at least one season. Brooks, meanwhile, privately boiled at Musselman's management of the team. The two did not speak for much of the season, and Brooks -- according to numerous sources -- did not approve of, among other things, the extent to which Musselman socialized with players on road trips.

There are, like, 20 things going on in this passage:
  1. Musselman went to strip clubs with Mike Bibby and Ron Artest? Wow.
  2. A lead assistant went three months without talking to 'his boss?' Wow.
  3. Geoff Petrie saw the need to be 'fair' to Musselman after said coach goes out and gets a DUI in preseason?
Amick found out about Terry Porter, too.
The candidate he was high on from the beginning -- Detroit assistant Terry Porter -- never received a serious look because of his ties to former Kings coach Rick Adelman and his association with the glory days in Portland. [...] Joe Maloof confirmed that Porter was on the original list, and The Bee learned during the coaching hunt that Porter even had a hotel reservation at the Maloofs' Palms Casino on June 3 that went unfilled.

This is where I call shenanigans on the Maloofs. 'This is Geoff's decision, except you can't hire this guy because he's friends with Adelman.' What the hell?

If Petrie had his way, Porter would have been hired two weeks ago. Instead, Porter didn't get an interview. Because of the Maloofs.

Petrie is not in control.