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More Mock Shakeups

The smoke is thick, which is causing shakeups on all the major mock drafts this morning. has had the Kings taking Yi Jianlian and/or Jeff Green for a while, but today place Corey Brewer in the #10 slot.

ESPN's Chad Ford has had Jeff Green, Spencer Hawes, and/or Julian Wright there. Today, it's Al Thornton.

DraftExpress has had Yi Jianlian there for weeks. Today, it's Jeff Green.

In most mocks, Green's stock is soaring -- some have Boston taking him at #5, some with Milwaukee at #6. Green's one of my favorite prospects, so obviously I'd hope he'd drop.

It looks like Yi Jianlian won't be there -- Boston will probably take him at #5 if he's there, and Milwaukee isn't flinching at #6. I wouldn't be surprised if Minnesota -- another team Yi doesn't want to go to -- took him at #7 either.

Everyone is saying Atlanta is the key pick at #3. I disagree -- if they pick Al Horford as expected, Memphis takes Mike Conley. If they take Conley, Memphis takes Horford. The only way I could see Atlanta really shaking up the lottery: Picking Yi. And all indications show that as remote.

At least one really good prospect will be there for the taking at #10. Who will it be, and will Petrie grab him? We'll find out tonight... and until then, we'll keep on guessing.