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Summer League Invites Begin

Darryl Watkins, a 6'11 center from Syracuse, will be joining the Kings for the Las Vegas Summer League, reports Adam Zagoria of the North Jersey Herald-News (and via our fine commenters here).

Draftee Spencer Hawes will obviously be there, as well as second-year guard Quincy Douby. I'd also expect Francisco Garcia to play. According to Geoff Petrie on KHTK last night, Justin Williams is expected to join the team depending on whether he gets an offer sheet. Ronnie Price has been invited but is not expected to play, as he could apparently be looking at offers from teams looking for a backup at point. Kevin Martin will be in Vegas with the team, but will not play.

As for Watkins: He appears to be a strong shotblocker and a good offensive rebounder. His defensive rebounding numbers are poor considering the other two marks. (Watkins' defensive rebound rate last year was 14.8; Justin Williams' was 25.1 his senior year at Wyoming and 20.8 in the NBA last season. I would think Watkins is a severe longshot to make the squad considering the drafting of Hawes, the continued presence of Brad Miller, and the likelihood Williams stays with the team.

As of now, the summer league roster looks like this:

Kings Summer League Roster, as of 06/30/07
Quincy Douby
Spencer Hawes
Francisco Garcia
Justin Williams
Ronnie Price
Darryl Watkins

(Bold indicates player is in under contract with the team for the 2007-08 season. Italics indicates player's inclusion on summer league team has not been confirmed.)