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No Word on Porter

Kurt Rambis had his interview Sunday, but there's still no word on Terry Porter's status.
on Michigan Live, Pistons beat writer A. Sherrod Blakely says Porter is hoping for a Sacramento interview this week.

Pistons assistant Terry Porter said on Sunday he did not have any interviews set up for head coaching jobs, but indicated that might change this week.

"We'll see," he said. "Hopefully, I'll have some more news later in the week."

Porter, still in town as the Pistons prepare to bring in draft prospects for workouts, is considered one of the leading candidates to become Sacramento's next head coach.

Talking to Sam Amick, Geoff Petrie was equally mum.
And while Detroit assistant Terry Porter is now available to interview after his team's season ended Saturday night, Petrie continued to acknowledge only the immediate in regards to whether the former Kings assistant with deep Portland ties to Petrie would be involved.

"There's been nothing there on that from Day One, and if there is we'll let you know," he said.

Porter, however, told people in Detroit before the Pistons were eliminated that he anticipated being interviewed, to which Petrie said, "I don't know anything about that."

Terry Porter beat Stan Van Gundy by a 67%-32% margin in a poll here last month, and 78% of you said you'd be happy with Porter.

Recent events in Florida may get us our wish.

Billy Donovan informed the Magic and the University of Florida over the weekend that he had second thoughts about agreeing to be Orlando's head coach, and the NBA team was deciding on Monday whether to let him go.

Before we get too excited, Orlando might keep Donovan after all, which would leave Van Gundy free to join the Kings and Porter free to stay an assistant coach for eternity.
The Magic released a statement this morning in which they noted that Donovan signed a contract with them on Friday, and although the team acknowledged that Donovan feels conflicted, the statement says, "we have a commitment from him that the dialogue between us will continue."

I'm fine with either Van Gundy or Porter... but I'd prefer Porter. You know he and Petrie will be on the same page, and you assume Porter's arrival will mean we'll get to watch an exciting offensive team at the least. So while I feel terrible for Magic fans regarding this episode, it definitely puts a bit of a selfish hop in my step.

Of course, this is completely short-shrifting Kurt Rambis, who did meet with the Maloofs yesterday. It'd be a surprise to me at this point, however, if Van Gundy nor Porter were the Sacramento head coach by this weekend.