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Heat Will Target Artest, Rashard Lewis

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports the Heat are intent on upgrading the small forward position this summer, with the key targets being Ron Artest and Rashard Lewis.

First, let me say this: there is no effing way Miami gets Rashard. NO EFFING WAY. Seattle isn't going to take back potential cap space for a free agent sign-and-trade. It would take a third team with lots of assets... and the Heat still don't have enough to pull it off.

That said, we all know the Artest options that have flown around since... December. But without a preceding or concurrent Mike Bibby trade, it's tough to make it work with the Heat. The Kings would have to take $5.8 million back in the swap. Michael Doleac plus Dorell Wright don't make it, and that (plus a draft pick) makes the most sense for both teams. The Mike Bibby issue is the piece which would make sense to get back from Miami is Jason Williams, which is an $8.9 million expiring contract.

It'll get sorted out. I do hope we get some cap relief, though.