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Stan Van Gundy is Missing

The Orlando Sentinel's Brian Schmitz is concerned:

Stan was curiously out of pocket Wednesday morning, he and his wife apparently on a "trip."

A trip to Orlando, where he will become the Magic coach?

A trip to Sacramento, where he will take the Kings' job?

A trip to The Bahamas, where he might be taking a vacation?

Beats me.

If Van Gundy is off to Sacramento, it likely means the Magic lost another coach in this Billy Donovan saga and will go to plan C. It might mean that Pat Riley, the Miami Heat coach and team president, wanted too much in compensation for Van Gundy and the Magic said forget it.

If anyone sees The Stache around town or at the airport, holler at me.

(Many kudos to Schmitz, who is doing the best reporting in the country on the fiasco.)