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Van Gundy's in Sacramento

Guess who's in Sacramento?

Former Miami Heat coach Stan Van Gundy arrived Wednesday in Sacramento, according to an NBA source, and appears to be on the verge of becoming the next coach of the Kings.

That's from Ira Winderman at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Nothing from anywhere else... yet.

Update [2007-6-6 17:52:37 by TZ]: Brian Schmitz blames Billy Donovan but has some special hate for Pat Riley. Read it. Makes you feel bad for the Magic, despite our (relative) glee.

Update [2007-6-6 18:25:44 by TZ]: The Bee's Sam Amick checks in, saying "indications are he could be the next Kings coach."

Update [2007-6-6 21:27:56 by TZ]: Amick has updated his story: The Kings have acknowledged Van Gundy is in town. According to Grant Napear on KHTK (via jacquetbg in the comments, thanks!), the Maloofs and Geoff Petrie are also in town. It's too late for a press conference, and that is how the Kings handle all these announcements. It's more or less official, though: Van Gundy is the coach of the Kings.