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Brooks Get His Second Interview Monday

Assistant coach Scott Brooks will get his shot to interview for the still vacant head coach job on Monday, according to The Bee's Sam Amick.

Ailene Voisin endorses hiring Brooks. This passage intrigued me:

Though widely known within the organization, the distance between head coach Eric Musselman and his lead assistant stretched the width of the Grand Canyon. They were an odd couple constantly at odds. Yet out of loyalty to his boss -- and the fact that he played for the late Bill Musselman -- Brooks kept his reservations private and publicly supported his coach.

Two questions:
  1. Why do we not find out about the tension between the hated head coach and the loved head assistant until June 9? The Bee has, what, three NBA columnists? You'd think this would come out sooner if it was widely known.
  2. Why didn't Geoff Petrie and the Maloofs strongly consider making the switch from Musselman to Brooks during the season, as an audition of sorts?
If the Kings really aren't going to call Terry Porter, then Brooks is probably the best choice. His family seems kind-of crazy, though: His brother called Sportsline 1140 Friday during my drive home. 'Tony' was his name. He said he wants Scotty to get the job so he can get better seats. Then there's the whole 'brother-suing-over-money' thing. And the carwash. (StR field trip coming soon.) Sounds like a fun, yokel tinderbox I just can't wait for.