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Arizona's Shakur Added to Summer League Roster

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Here's another addition to the Kings' summer league roster: Arizona's Mustafa Shakur. The Tucson Citizen reports Shakur has accepted Sacramento's invitation.

On my jog this morning, I was considering point guard possibilities for the summer league (I'm a sick person, I know), and Shakur's name popped into my head. He worked out for the Kings last year (before he pulled out of the draft) as well as this spring. Lo and behold, here he is.

That he went undrafted isn't surprising -- the similar but better Zabian Dowdell of Virginia Tech didn't hear his name either. (Dowdell is headed to Seattle's summer league team -- even though the Sonics employ Luke Ridnour, Earl Watson, and Delonte West.) Shakur had a love-hate relationship with UA legend Lute Olson -- Mustafa tested the draft waters last year, and rumors had Olson and the Wildcats hoping Shakur would stay in the draft to let the program start fresh with Marcus Williams (now a Spur) and Chase Budinger.

Shakur is a poor three-point shooter and records too many turnovers. He's about the same size as Ronnie Price though much more of a point guard and less of a scorer/defender. His assist rate was very good last season -- again, he turns it over a lot, but his assists make up for most of those.

Unless Price flees for another locale, I can't imagine Shakur making the team.

As of now, the summer league roster looks like this:

Kings Summer League Roster, as of 06/30/07
Quincy Douby
Spencer Hawes
Francisco Garcia
Justin Williams
Ronnie Price
Darryl Watkins
Mustafa Shakur

(Bold indicates player is in under contract with the team for the 2007-08 season. Italics indicates player's inclusion on summer league team has not been confirmed.)