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Rumors on New Arena

As has been discussed in the diaries, rumors about the NBA's plan to build a new arena in Sacramento are flying all over the place. Ailene Voisin got it started two weeks ago with her Q&A with David Stern. The Rise Guys discussed the rumors this morning, and CBS 13's Steve Large addressed it in a Monday story.

CBS13 has learned that the league is considering funding a new home for the Sacramento Kings after spending seven months looking for other financial sources for the project. [...]

Assemblyman Dave Jones, who has actively campaigned against a publicly financed arena, says the move would make sense.

"They have the money to do it. They make tons of money, providing professional basketball and it's a business like any other business. So if they want a building, they should invest in it just like any business does," says Jones.

Large also mentioned the Cal Expo rumor everyone's heard. It'd be an interesting play: the NBA (essentially the other 29 owners) help fund an arena in exchange for equity in/revenue from said arena and an incredibly loyal fanbase. Not a bad play.