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Reversal of Fortune

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Last game, Spencer Hawes shot great and Francisco Garcia shot terribly. Today, Shawes shot terribly and El Flaco shot great.

Everything else ended similarly. Quincy Douby played, but didn't look terribly good. Justin Williams notched another double-double, and went 1-2 from the line.

Dave from Blazers Edge was there live, and he kindly offered these observations:

1. Francisco Garcia is a really nice scorer.  But you didn't need me to tell you that.

2. I was actually more impressed with Spencer Hawes in person than I thought I'd be.  He's a little more athletic than advertised, didn't seem afraid to bang, and had a nice outside shot that he was actually able to get off at a reasonable speed.  Now he didn't hit that many of his shots, but that will hopefully come.  It looks like the tools are there.  Maybe he's not such a wishful-thinking pick after all.

Everyone -- Rick Kamla included -- has raved about Shawes thus far. What I've seen has been good. We'll know more in, say, two years. But things look good so far. (And he's not shy... two games, 30 shots.)

On Francisco: The thing that separates him from every other middling defensive specialist wing prospect is his scoring. We know he can shoot the lights out in practice and in warmups. If he can duplicate performances approximating today's -- 6-10, 4-6 from three, 6 FTAs -- he will set himself apart from the John Salmons pack.