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Billy Knight Won't Let Us Have Larry Drew

I guess that Larry Drew talk was premature: Atlanta general manager Billy Knight told the assistant coach he's not getting out of his contract with the Hawks for a lateral move.

Sekou Smith of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has the story. Both Drew and fellow Hawks assistant David Fizdale received permission from Knight to interview for assistant positions with Sacramento and Cleveland, respectively. Only when they got the jobs did Knight say 'no.'

While it's a lateral move in job title and likely salary, Drew had good reason to pursue the Sacramento job beyond his friendship with Reggie Theus.

A move to Sacramento would have allowed Drew, whose family resides in Los Angeles, to move closer to his wife and three sons. His oldest son, Larry Drew Jr., is one of the nation's top-rated high school point guards and has already committed to North Carolina.

The move would have allowed Drew to be close as his son played his senior year.


I have a feeling Atlanta head coach Mike Woodson has something to do with this. He's pretty much a lame duck going into the season. He can't want to have to bring in a new set of assistants for one year, knowing they might all be canned next summer. I'm thinking Knight gave the coaches permission, Woodson shierked, and Knight pulled the reins and took the heat. (And there is heat to be taken.)

The Sacramento Bee's Sam Amick talked to Theus about it. Reggie manages to stay cool, though you imagine he's seriously pissed.

"He's under contract, but he wants to come," Theus said. "I know that. We'll just have to see. They have to allow him to go. I think a combination of the two would be good. If it doesn't work out, then we keep on rolling."

Final twist: Theus, Drew, Woodson and Knight were all teammates on the Kansas City Kings from 1983-85. Do we need Cotton Fitzsimmons to mediate?