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Spencer Hawes Appreciates Our Hate

Sam Amick of The Bee continues the rave parade for Spencer Hawes from Las Vegas.

Martin said Hawes "scored at will" in a Monday scrimmage. Kings scout Scotty Stirling noted that - even though he struggled against the Wizards - the fact that nearly all of Hawes' shots were around the rim was a sign of his potency. And should Hawes develop quickly and actually produce this season, Kings fans can pat themselves on the back. Those around Hawes are saying the massive skepticism he was greeted with in Sacramento has him plenty motivated to prove doubters wrong.

You suck, Shawes! Go to hell! You'll never be an All-Star! Todd Fuller! Joe Kleine!

(While we're at it: Brad Miller couldn't kill a rabbit if it puts a noose around its own neck! Kenny Thomas couldn't beat Jerry Reynolds one-on-one! Ron Artest is a... great person. Why do you ask?)