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Dan LeBatard's Too Good For Sactown

Dan LeBatard was on Pardon the Interruption yesterday. He took a page from the Charles Barkley Playbook and ripped our fair city.

Wilbon: Ron Artest says he wants to retire in Sacramento. Danny, how bout you?

LeBatard: Nothing I want to do in Sacramento. I don't want to win the lottery in Sacramento.

Wilbon: Really?

LeBatard: Nothing in Sacramento.

Wilbon: It's the capital of California. You don't want the lottery here?

LeBatard: No.

Wilbon: Probably a $300 million lottery, you don't want it here?

LeBatard: Not if I have to live in Sacramento.

Wilbon: ... I didn't say you have to live there.

Of course, the fact I just spent a half-hour listening to the PTI podcast in order to post said item kind-of proves his point.

Also, imagine what these Sacramento haters would say about Elk Grove in they had to visit a few times a year? You think Downtown Sacto is bad? Let me introduce you to the Florin Mall. Ugh.

(Thanks to jacquetbg for the tip.)