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Kevin Martin Has Been Working Out, Francisco Garcia Has Been Screaming

From True Hoop's Henry Abbott:

Martin says has put on 14 pounds of muscle since the end of the season.

... which means he's up to 154 lbs now. Awesome.

Henry also has kind words about Francisco Garcia's performance:

Francisco Garcia looks pretty great. He has been a vocal leader, playing his heart out for the Sacramento team. Even though he's already someone who has played regular minutes in the NBA, he's killing himself here. He was knocked down hard to the floor, by my count, at least six times in today's game. Afterwards I asked him what he was doing on the floor so much. His answer: "That's my game!" Awesome.

El Flaco's game in busted metaphor: A screaming jackrabbit with Barry White and some happy hardcore sh*t alternating on his iPod.

"That's my game!"

(Also, since I've stolen/abused it, credit goes to R3DLiN3 for coming up with 'El Flaco,' which is Spanish for 'the skinny one.')