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Bibby-to-Cleveland Back On The Table

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As gamely noted by section214 in the diaries, the Mike Bibby to Cleveland chatter has come back to the sunshine. The Bee's Sam Amick notes that Drew Gooden (the expected return) was hanging out with the Maloofs last night in Las Vegas, while the Akron Beacon Journal's Brian Windhorst says Damon Jones is a rumored pairing for Gooden in the return package.

There was apparently a three-team deal in place which would have brought Jackie Butler to Sacramento, but the Rockets took him off San Antonio's hands. That's a good clue, though: Geoff Petrie is looking for a young, affordable cog along with Gooden in order to give up Bibby.

For all your trade machine addicts, the minimum salary which needs to be added to Sacramento's incoming package is $3.7 million.