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Ron-Ron Hates Realists

Ken Berger of Newsday has a big package of Ron Artest content today. On Berger's blog, he lets Ron-Ron flow on about basketball.

This answer was most interesting:

Whether his teammates in Sacramento believe they are championship contenders: "Well, you know, training camp hasn't even started yet. So you'll pick everybody's brain when you get started. That's a question that I asked last year, and everybody wasn't on board and ready to go try to win this championship, and I was pretty upset about that - that everybody was not like, 'We're actually going to win a championship.' That's how I need to feel. But this is a new season and hopefully people will feel that way."

There's also a story from Berger, with this most poetic of quotes: "The respect that I have for New York City, it'll never go anywhere. It's like tattooed in my blood." (You just don't hear people say Sacramento is tattooed in my blood, unfortunately.)

The best part, as always, is raw Ron-Ron. A snip from his stream-of-consciousness account to Berger:

When the sun comes up, the guards come and they have their guns and stuff because we have hippopotamuses right next to us. You know, hippopotamuses kill people. So it was pretty freaky.