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Bibby Most Likely to Stay Put

Geoff Petrie is no newbie when it comes to handling trade talks and rumors, and like any good GM, will listen to a breath-taking deal when it comes his way, but unlike most of us fans, he probably follows a "buy low, sell high" principle, and recognizes that Bibby's subpar season last year isn't exactly going to get him an acceptable level of talent in return for one of Sacramento's leading players, like it or not.

As the Sacramento Bee reports, Petrie says he's not aggressively trying to move Bibby.

"I'll listen to anybody who calls," Petrie said. "That's the only way things ever get done. But it's not like I'm on the phone every day trying to trade Mike Bibby.

Beyond that quote, Martin McNeal says other anonymous sources indicate Bibby isn't on the trading hotseat.

For now, at least, both Bibby and Artest both look like they will be on the Kings' active roster when the 2007-08 campaign begins, projecting the same confusing approach to how the pair will share scoring opportunities with Kevin Martin, et al. Like us, Hoopsworld says Martin would benefit if either of those guys were to be traded, but despite the occasional illusory puff of interest, it's getting a bit quiet to think any blockbuster is in the works.