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Hollinger: Hawes, Mikki Stop the Bleeding

ESPN's John Hollinger named the Kings as one of the teams which has improved this offseason.

I have no idea if Theus can coach or not, and I think Musselman could do a pretty good job in the right situation. But nobody doubts that the wheels were coming off by the end of last season and that a change would be for the better, so in this case the Mussleman-for-Theus swap should be for the better.

Moreover, the Kings addressed their horrid frontcourt by adding two centers in Hawes and Moore. Neither is going to be great, but right now the Kings will settle for "adequate," especially given the price they paid. These moves may not keep them out of the lottery, but it will at least help stop the bleeding.

Can't you just feel the excitement?!

I think judging offseasons is premature at this point. Even if Geoff Petrie doesn't shake up the roster, other teams still have work to do.