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A 'How Reggie Theus Got Hired' Theory

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Stop Mike Lupica presents an interesting if far-fetched theory on why Reggie Theus was hired as the Kings' head coach:

Apparently the talk among the [Louisville] alumni insiders centers around whether Francisco Garcia was the kingmaker who was responsible for the Sacramento Kings' hiring of Reggie Theus as head coach last month. [...] According to the theory going around (and we should add that it's just a rumor), while Rick Pitino was the head coach, it was assistant coach Reggie Theus whom the players were raving about.  Garcia supposedly let management know that it was Reggie Theus who was breaking down game tapes, and preparing the game notes for every match, and was basically the real coach of that Louisville team.

SML gets into the team dynamics involving Garcia, Kevin Martin and Ron Artest, as well as El Flaco's recent move to Aaron Goodwin's stable to bolster the theory.

Everyone knows I adore Flaco, and I really do sincerely believe he is a highly important piece of the Kings puzzle (despite his underwhelming numbers and advanced age relative to most prospects). But can you really base a hire on Garcia's desires? I understand the politics at play, I understand the franchise values Garcia and Martin. But I just can't see the Maloofs and Geoff Petrie sitting in a room, ready to pick a coach and saying "Which one would Francisco prefer?"

At the same time, it does add up. With Corliss Williamson gone, Ron-Ron is the more popular of the to-be-tradeds. (Mike Bibby's clique consisted of himself, Corliss, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, and Ronnie Price, by all accounts. Even Ronnie has been seen with Ron-Ron more lately.) Garcia clearly has Ron-Ron's ear. So yeah, it would make sense for management to get Garcia's squad aboard the Theus train...

... but it's just so unlikely given the power structure of the organization. It'll be something to think about as the next season plays out, though.