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When Will Petrie Cave to Miami?

The Miami press is still constantly reporting that Pat Riley is after Mike Bibby and/or Ron Artest, and every report seems to come with the conditional 'Kings want more than what Miami's offering' statement.

Eventually, though, you'd think the return package will be good enough, by way of Miami sweetening the pot. With a lack of assets, it'd be hard. But if Miami wants these players, they'd find a way, right?

Two things could happen in the next few days to ramp up Miami's push for Bibby:

  1. Steve Blake could sign elsewhere, likeli in Portland or with the Lakers, or possibly in Cleveland. He will go for the full midlevel. He's the best affordable free agent prospect at PG.
  2. Philadelphia could pull Andre Miller completely off the market or trade him somewhere other than Miami. He would seem to be the only top-flight point guard on the trade market besides Bibby.
As for Artest: The only thing I imagine involved there is Petrie's asking price. It's obvious he doesn't want to get ripped off, and you can't blame him. We as a collective would just as soon like to see him jettisoned for nothing, just as long as he isn't back next year. Petrie obviously can't do that, not when Artest is so valuable as compared to the rest of the tradeable assets (Bibby, Brad Miller). At some point, though, the price will need to change. No fish are biting.