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Some Preseason Games Revealed

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Via three cobbled sources, we know three of the Kings preseason games.

Andrew Nicholson of the official blog says the Kings will play Portland twice in preseason. The Kings will visit the Blazers on Oct. 19, and Sacramento will host the Blazers on Sunday, Oct. 21, at 6 p.m. at ARCO.

Via the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Gary Washburn, we find out the Kings will host Seattle on Tuesday, October 9. That's likely to be the first preseason game. Hopefully someone can keep Reggie Theus out of the bars afterward.

The Lakers official site tells us we'll again get our traditional rivalry match in Vegas, this year on Friday, October 26.

Nothing official from the Kings yet, but there will be four more games, possibly one more at ARCO. I'd be shocked if there wasn't a game in Albuquerque against either the Suns or Nuggets. We'll get a Warriors game, maybe in San Jose or Stockton. I heard Reno (where Mike Bibby has been injured twice in two preseason visits, by the way) was a success last year, so that's a possibility. I can almost guarantee Fresno is out after the dismal attendance last season. You'd expect a Clippers match, and all those upper midwest teams have to get fed so maybe one visits.

I can't believe I've actually spent brain cells considering this. I guess I'm just excited to see Kevin Durant live in the NBA before anyone else.