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Marcos Breton is Wrong

Marcos Breton pens a column saying the Tim Donaghy scandal helps Sacramento's leverage in getting a new Kings arena.

Some readers have emailed a similar sentiment. I disagree.

The Kings weren't going to Las Vegas anyway. The All-Star Game killed that notion, which was rather weak to begin with (despite our founded fears). It has been months since the last time someone could reasonably stand up and 'The Kings are moving to Vegas.' So this whole notion that Tim Donaghy has 'saved' Sacramento's franchise creates a false problem. The problem for us is not Las Vegas, the problem is the lack of a new arena in Sacramento.

How does this scandal help us get a new arena? It doesn't. In fact, it hurts. The NBA was planning on spending the summer getting a realistic plan in place in Sacramento which doesn't primarily rely on taxpayer dollars. David Stern was to be a major part of this. You think the commissioner has a bigger fish in his basket now? He said no resources will be spared in getting to the bottom of the ref investigation. Time is a precious resource -- a resource the dilapidated state of ARCO Arena has sadly made very limited. Time is not on our side, and if this scandal hampers the NBA's ability to work out a local, how exactly do we win?

The only way this helps? If Stern was planning on bargaining hard with the local politicians, but now instead waves the white flag and gifts us an arena. Based on what we've seen about David Stern over the past 20 years as commissioner... you think that's happening? If so, I've got a soul food restaurant in Galt I'd like to sell you.