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NBA Off-Season? Could Have Fooled Me!

It could have been a symptom of sleep deprivation or simple mental defect, but just last week, after thinking more on the Bibby trade/no trade situation, the ongoing issues involving Ron Artest, coaching changes and continued daily Kings drama, my mind wandered a bit... thinking, "When is the NBA's All-Star Game"? and "How far back are the Kings?"

And then it dawned on me... we're in the off season. Forget about the All-Star Game. We're not going to have games that count for quite some time yet.

But you wouldn't know it given all the activity here on Sactown Royalty and the non-stop Kings news. In a time that could typically be considered quiet, when arenas are laying dormant, or were turned over to summer rodeos, wrestling and the WNBA, this has been quite a busy time for the Kings and their fans.

TZ doesn't often toot his own horn here, so I'll do that for him. In these "quiet" summer months of June and July, the site is seeing tremendous traffic, with new highs being hit each of the last two months. In fact, July traffic is 3.5 to 4x last year's activity. You can see the growth in this site with the increase in great diaries, and activity in every story.

Let's keep up the momentum and the great discussions here. You guys are the cream of the crop of Kings fans. If this is how well we're doing in the summer doldrums, I can't wait for tipoff this fall.

Go Sactown Royalty and go Kings!