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So Who Are You?

Louismg's recent article got me thinking about how STR is a team not unlike the Kings. I would call TZ our K-Mart, our best player who is still getting better every day. Louis would be Cisco, the versatile one that helps the franchise whenever/however asked. Maybe that makes me Justin Williams, not too offensive but a la the Joe Kleine drinking game really knows how to clean the glass.

Of course, many of us may have website personas that differ from our every day lives. For example, at work I think of myself the same way that Kenny Thomas thinks of himself, under appreciated and under utilized. Unfortunately my boss probably sees me as everyone else sees K9 (woof!), somebody that complains more than he contributes.

So, who are you? Does your website contribution line up with one of the current Kings? Pookey, are you Ron-Ron (solid, sometimes spectacular game) or Ron-Ron (nuts) or someone else? Or do you need to delve into roster history? Rhondda matches up with Wayman Tisdale as a musician, but anyone that has seen her perform knows she goes to her right better than 'Tizzy ever did. Are you different off the website than on the way that most players are different off the court than on? Come on, kids, time for self analysis!

One thing - if you feel compelled to comment on "your teammates" (that could never happen, right?), please be somewhat civilized. For example, if you want to call me Quincy Douby because my contributions have been inconsistent, great. But if you compare me to Bobby Hurley because you hope I suffer a near fatal car crash I will probably be a little offended. Of course that would depend a lot on which one of my "teammates" made the comment.

Thanks for the inspiration, Louis...I mean Cisco!