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Learning With YouTube

The Bee's Marty McNeal earns the first funny blockquote from Spencer Hawes:

Hawes said he loves Tim Duncan's low-post game. And if that doesn't work, Hawes can turn to his knowledge of Hakeem Olajuwon.

"Oh, yeah, Hakeem, I love that dude," a wide-eyed Hawes said. "I've seen that guy's game on YouTube. There is a 10-minute mix tape of him."

Hawes then broke into his impersonation of Olajuwon's baseline fade off the "Dream Shake."

"I've got to get that into my game," Hawes said. "And that up-and-under he used on David Robinson."

Hakeem retired, what, seven years ago? And all our new center has seen from him is in a YouTube mixtape? I'm still in my mid-20s, and this makes me feel old.

And this would be the YouTube highlight in question. How many of those blocks you think we'll see Shawes pull off?