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Petrie Wants Hedo Back

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From Sam Amick in The Bee:

According to a league source, the Kings recently contacted Orlando about Hedo Turkoglu. The small forward, entering his eighth season, began his career in Sacramento in 2000 and was part of a three-team trade in 2003 that sent him to San Antonio.

Amick suggets Ron Artest is the bounty, though I'm skeptical of that considering Orlando's previous shirking at bringing Ron-Ron in. Of course, Artest's is the only salary that really works in a straight-up deal, so we could be looking at a larger deal or a third team if both sides want to get something done. (Personally, I don't know why Orlando isn't after Mike Bibby. They aren't keeping Darko at this point, so even with Dwight Howard's extension, they won't touch the luxury tax. And if Bibby doesn't work out, he's gone in a season or two.)

As for Hedo: I love him as much as any other card-carrying Kings fan. But he was sick with some mystery ailment all last season, he doesn't rebound well enough to play at power forward, and his contract extends to 2009-10. He's one of the mostly deadly deep shooters in the league. But part of his appeal back in the early oughts was his terrific chemistry with the existing crew... who's left from that?

It wouldn't be the worst move -- if Hedo returns to form (and he is entering his prime), he's a bargain. But his peak isn't very high and the chances of him continuing his downward slope are real.