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Will the Knicks Offer David Lee for Ron Artest?

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That's the question the New York Post's Marc Berman ponders.

Offering Lee could seal a package with the Kings. But that may not be a popular move with Knicks fans, who loved Lee's rebounding and hustle. Lee averaged a double-double last season and is a leading Sixth Man of the Year candidate. On the flip side, the Knicks have a Lee-in-the-making, Renaldo Balkman.

For now, Thomas would rather make available Jeffries or Malik Rose and a prospect or two, either Randolph Morris, Mardy Collins, Nate Robinson or Balkman.

The only way I see Geoff Petrie taking someone like Jared Jeffries or Malik Rose back in an Artest deal if is Lee is involved. Morris, Collins and Balkman are nice prospects -- but not for Artest. He's got more value than that.

Jeffries is signed at the midlevel through 2011. (!) Rose makes $7.1 million this season and $7.6 million in 2008-09 -- slightly less than Ron-Ron over the same time period. Oh, and he's 33 years old. (!) Jeffries is a homeless man's John Salmons (that's bad), while Rose hasn't been useful since the 90s. So obviously you'd prefer the shorter contract.

Rose and Lee for Artest works under the cap rules.