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Super Inspiring Assistant Coach Rumors

From Sam Amick's blog:

I received a call late Tuesday night saying [Bob] Weiss was getting a look from Theus to be the lead assistant.

Weiss fits the 'long-time NBA coach with head coaching experience' to a tee. He had 6.5 years as an NBA head coach (with an uninspiring 223-299 record) and nine years as an assistant (many of those as a lead assistant). Again, fits to a tee what the Kings were looking for. Not quite Del Harris, but who is?

The other rumor which has been popping around: real estate investor Randy Brown. Two more came in this morning: Cavs assistant coach Kenny Natt, who spent 11 seasons with Jerry Sloan; and Jason Hamm, the only holdover from Eric Musselman's staff.

I'm surprised the franchise waited this long to release the other assistants. It'll be difficult for them to get good assistant positions at this point. Hmph.